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Let’s be realistic, as a website owner, you simply do not have the time to keep your WordPress website and plugins updated, and when you do manage to scrape time together and perform the update, sometimes things go wrong and you are left with a broken website which will cost you even more time and money!  Website maintenance is very similar to the updates you need to perform on your smart phone;  if it’s not done on a regular basis, your apps and operating system  might not work properly.  Likewise your website software needs updates on a regular basis as well.  Don’t get left behind by trying to save a small amount – your website is a core asset in your business, treat it like one.


Website Care Plan
R 149 Monthly
  • Wordpress Core Updates
  • Wordpress Plugin Updates
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Website Backups
  • Monthly Security Scan
  • Monthly Reports
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Month to Month Contract
Flat Rate!

An outdated WordPress website is a huge security risk and can result in unwanted attacks. Simply keeping your website updated will prevent most if not all of those attacks.

We ensure a full website backup is done before any updates and ensures that your website is fully functional once the updates are done. If something goes wrong, we will either fix the problem or roll back the update – ensuring you never lose your valuable asset, that is your website. 

We have been in the industry for many years, developing and supporting WordPress websites. So you can be at ease with your decision when choosing us. 

We offer you a flat rate with optional extras. The basic package includes everything you need to keep your website up to date & secure to ensure your day to day runs smoothly. You have the option to extend the package with our affordable optional extras. 

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WordPress Care Plan Addons

Our Website Care Plan is packed with awesome features. Below are optional add-ons to extend the standard plan.

Backups (daily)

Monthly backups not enough? Enable daily backups for your Website.

Automatic Malware Cleanup

Cleaning infected malware files on your Website.

Website Content Updates

Let us take care of your website updates with competitive pricing and fast turn around time.

Website Firewall

Add another layer of security to your website to protect your web applications.

Package Features Explained

Updates allow WordPress to inform users when a new version of WordPress, plugins, or themes is available. It is highly recommended that you keep your WordPress up to date and install new versions as soon as they are available.

Updating your WordPress plugins is important for your site’s security and functionality. However, it also comes with the risk of errors that could make your site inaccessible to users.

With uptime monitoring, keep a check on your internal services to ensure that your website is working smoothly 24/7 in the background.

Malicious users can easily take advantage of web vulnerabilities to steal data, jeopardize user identities, access confidential files or information, spam the site, inject codes, or even take over the server! Vulnerability scanning is commonly considered to be the most efficient way to check your site against a huge list of known vulnerabilities – and identify potential weaknesses in the security of your applications.

Receive a detailed monthly report which will show you all the updates performed, website uptime, backup status and any other activated addons.

Are you sure that your website is being backed up by your hosting provider? Get piece of mind with our daily, offsite website backup solution. The backups are incremental and can be restored to any daily restore point. 

If your website becomes infected with malware, our team of WordPress professionals will manually clean all the infected files to get your website back up and running. This will normally happen before you even notice that your website is down.

Keeping the content up to date on your site helps build trust between you and your customers. Most likely, customers rely on your site for useful information on whatever market you are in. Updated information also helps build domain authority.

A web application firewall (WAF) protects web applications from a variety of application layer attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and cookie poisoning, among others. With the right WAF in place, you can block the array of attacks that aim to exfiltrate that data by compromising your systems.