How to make Facebook ads work for your small business

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How to make Facebook Ads work for your small business

If you are allocating part of your 2021 marketing budget to Facebook ads, it’s important to get a good return on that investment. If you’re running an ad, you are probably concerned about the conversion cost. This will depend on all aspects of your ad – from the headline to the targeting, the copy, even the graphics or video assets used.

Every element of how you set it up will affect your return on investment. In this article we go into some factors that you could optimize to increase the conversion rate and decrease cost per click on your Facebook ads.

The quality and relevance of Facebook ad images

One factor that most people don’t consider when they set up their ad, is the size of the graphic or video content they use. You can put hours into crafting excellent written content for your ad, but if you don’t pay enough attention to the graphic or video content, your ad won’t hook Facebook users’ attention long enough for them to read the copy.

One way to approach this is to choose or design an image that can convey the same core message, result, or desired action, as you would in the written copy. Your image should always be related to what you’re selling, whether that is a product, a service, or for the user to click through to another website to a free resource. Even when a user skips reading the written content, the image should immediately convey the core idea of your offer. If your ad hooks the ideal customer for long enough, it will convert many of those who would have scrolled past.

Make Facebook ad headlines actionable and short

Writing a creative headline is not enough, dedicate most of the time you invest in your ad to crafting a powerful and actionable headline. Therefore most businesses who are successful with advertising on Facebook, invest in outsourcing their ad copy, including the headline.

When optimizing your Facebook ad headline, consider these factors:

Keep your headline short.

Studies have shown that longer headlines do not lead to conversions.

Put numbers in your headline.

People tend to click headlines with numbers rather than headlines with words only. For example, a headline with “5 Benefits of using a contractor service” would get more clicks and conversions than “Why you should use a contractor service”.

Don’t use too many superlatives.

After analysing advertisements on Facebook, it was discovered that up to 51% of users tend to click headlines with zero superlatives. Instead, use as few words as possible in your headline to draw the user into action, choosing words that better convey the quality, scarcity, or excess that a superlative would.

Facebook ad conversion is all about clicks.

Most small businesses who aren’t experienced in crafting successful Facebook ads, is that these are not designed to sell. Rather, they are best used as a funnel to acquire more qualified leads. Therefore, the purpose of your ad is to get your audience to click through, with intent and curiosity, to the next step in your funnel.

The goal of your copy is to draw the user into clicking the call to action button. A skilled copywriter will keep in mind that Facebook users generally are not in a state of mind to be sold to. An experienced marketing team will craft ad copy that promotes curiosity, relevant to your product or service offering.

Use testimonials and reviews in your Facebook ads.

Social Proof such as reviews will always make your ad better. Local services such as Restaurants, tourism companies, even movie theaters, experience tremendous success using reviews of their clients and customers, displaying them on various physical and digital platforms.

Using social proof in your Facebook ads by including testimonials in the graphic and written content, tells the audience that people have loved using your product or service. Data has shown that ads containing five-star reviews as headlines obtain high conversion rates. The element of risk associated with a product or service diminishes greatly, once potential customers have proof of your past customers who’ve been happy with the service and value for money they received.

Retarget website visitors through dynamic Facebook ads.

Retargeting with dynamic ads can be a great strategy to leverage your product feed when executing a successful dynamic ad campaign. For example, you can link the product data from an ecommerce platform such as WooCommerce directly to Facebook.

Dynamic Ads provide the opportunity to target users based on how they engage with specific products or pages on your website. Dynamic ads not only help reengage previous site visitors and cart abandoners, they also turn Facebook into an impactful ecommerce channel.

The Kreativworx team is experienced in every facet of crafting effective Facebook ad content, as well as configuring your ads to get the best return for your investment.
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