Tactics to turn a website into your most powerful lead generation tool

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Tactics to turn a website into your most powerful lead generation tool

If your marketing goals for 2021 includes bringing in a larger amount of qualified leads, even with a small marketing budget, we’ve got good news! There are tried and trusted methods for turning your company/brand website into a powerful lead generation machine. In this article we’ll explain our recommendations for the top website tactics to focus on in 2021 and beyond.

But before you can nurture and convert them into buyers, you will need to get a larger number of warm visitors onto your website. To do this, commit to tactics that improve your website authority and reputation – such as producing and publishing higher quality content, instead of a higher amount of content.

SEO in 2021 and beyond puts the focus on strategic, quality content

The days of stuffing as many relevant keywords into each page as possible are long gone. In fact, Google would probably penalize you for attempting this, resulting in your website’s rank going way down or the domain even disappearing from relevant search results.

The team at Creative Click Media asked a few industry experts on their predictions for effective SEO practices in 2021 and beyond (source):

Content is (Still) King

One of the most important SEO trends that will continue in 2021 is high-quality content. It will be literally impossible to stand out from the rest unless you produce relevant content. The algorithm is now much more precise and able to recognize and boost websites with credible information.
-Malte Scholz, CEO & Co-Founder of Airfocus

Lengthy Content

Rolling out stellar content doesn’t always involve keeping it short, though it should always be sweet. In fact, longer content (2000 words and above) has been attracting more views in recent times. These longer pieces tend to be comprehensive guides to popular subjects, and if they are well written as well, they become a one-stop shop for viewers.
-Deepak Shukla, Managing Director of Pearl Lemon

Topic-Focused Content

I think 2021 will see a greater focus on topics, rather than individual keywords. Savvy SEOs have already been taking this approach for years, but recently, the data used by major keyword research tools has become less reliable and search engines are always getting better at understanding broad topics instead of one-off terms. If you want your content to do well over the next couple of years, try to take a step back and understand the whole issue, not just one keyword you hope to rank for.
-Daniel Caughill, Co-Founder of The Dog Tale

Mobile-First Indexing

We feel that mobile-first indexing will be the biggest trend because more than 90% of the world uses Google as their primary search engine. There are many websites online that have very low mobile speed scores and some sites are still not mobile-friendly. We know that Google is switching over to mobile-first indexing this month, however, it is still unclear when all the pre-existing websites will be indexed based on the mobile versions. Our predictions are that websites that rank well currently but have a bad mobile version will slip down the ranks and there will be an increased demand for mobile optimizations in the SEO realm.
-Caleb Riutta, Dusk Digital

These predictions agree with our approach to planning and producing content for marketing clients from a wide range of industries and specialties.

How to put SEO tactics for Lead Generation into practice


Quality content = your customer’s current state of mind + your company’s unique ability to help


Invest time in crafting excellent and valuable content, showing your brand’s unique positioning in your industry and what sets you apart, connecting it with your ideal customer’s most pressing needs and state of mind.

Crafting longer articles to show expertise, generosity, and authority


Don’t roll out short blog posts based on topics and interests that replicate what so many other websites in your niche have published in the past. Instead, invest more time to develop thorough and in-depth articles that could serve as cornerstone pieces which you can repurpose throughout the next month/quarter. This will also ensure that each blog post can be repurposed multiple times over a longer period, as the information should not become outdated.

Keep the big picture in mind when choosing topics – think out of the ‘keyword box’


Instead of focusing on specific keywords and phrases when planning and writing content, drive more visitors to your website by considering the overarching themes and interests related to your service/product offering. If you have created your ideal customer avatar (which we recommend you do), think about the common interests, worries, or challenges, shared by most of those who would already be interested in or looking for what your business provides. Where does your niche, industry, or specific offering overlap with the information they would want to consume? Make a short list of these ‘big picture topics’ or overarching themes, and craft excellent and valuable content related to those.

Design and develop for mobile, adapt for desktop


It’s no longer good enough to ensure your website functions effectively on mobile browsers. Search Engines will soon start downgrading websites that are not 100% accessible, fast, and easy to index (if they hadn’t already). Mobile users have become accustomed to ease of use and speed, you now have even less time to grab their attention before they click away or close their browsers. They are likely to abandon their cart or online form if important information or key navigation elements are missing, inaccessible, or hard to read. We recommend you approach the design of your website with the first consideration being mobile users. Some visual/functional elements cannot be replicated or adapted for both mobile and desktop view, therefore it is vital to work with a professional web developer or agency who can advise you throughout the design and development process.

Qualify and convert visitors in less time using Chatbots


Bots enable your business to reach out to and gather data on more of your website visitors, without impacting the productivity of your team. Pre-qualify sales prospects by asking industry-specific questions through your chatbot, then offer resources or feedback based on the answers your visitors provide during the chat.

The most commonly used method of lead generation on a website, is for visitors to fill in the form with their business or personal information, in exchange for a free guide, consult, or another type of low-value resource. This method is neither exciting nor engaging. The chances of converting customers with lead generation forms are between 2.5% to 5%.

Pairing chatbots with lead generation tactics can bring your business a greater number of leads who are already ‘warmed up’ and closer to making a purchase. One way to do this, is to have your chatbot set up to ask questions that will identify a visitor’s requirements (e.g. their goals, present challenges, or business size), then offering them a link to a free resource most relevant to the feedback they provide.

Both live chat and chatbot are channels used for customer engagement. If you understand the pros and cons of live chat vs chatbot, you can better choose between live chat, chatbot, or the balance of both.

Chatbots VS Live Chat


Response time – You can use chatbot as a primary contact channel to deliver real time responses for sales related queries and use live chat for the complex queries that need support from a sales or service consultant.

Customer experience – Bots can engage users in the moment and provide answers they are looking for. Meeting your customers’ needs without making them wait on the phone, will increase the rate of conversion with delivering a better user experience.

24×7 support – If your business and customers relied on sales or support being ‘always active’, bots are the best option. They can engage when your sales team is away by acknowledging the issue and scheduling appointments.

Cost factor – Although the cost could be a concern for small start-ups, bots are worth their investment, as they are easy to scale during peak hours without the cost of other resources or infrastructure increasing.

Reduce bounce rate through Chatbot support

One of the primary reasons website visitors leave within the first few seconds after a page loads is the frustration they experience in not finding the correct information. Lead generation chatbots prove to be the best tool to engage users and offer help while they are trying to abandon a page.

Provide immediate support to customers on your website helps them make quick purchase decisions, which reduces the bounce rate. Visitors are also far more likely to complete an online purchase or booking when a chatbot engages them to provide the right information at the right moment.

To discuss which lead generation and conversion optimization tactics will be most effective for your website, book a free consult with Kreativworx.

Our team can implement any or all of these tools and techniques, in line with your marketing and sales goals.


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