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Search Engine Optimization for Social Media

How Social Media can improve your SEO
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Social Media is important for SEO because it has the potential to drive traffic to your website, including pre-qualified leads.

Your target audience becomes your brand advocates when they consume your quality content that connects with their present state of mind. By becoming a reliable source of valuable information for them, your followers and readers will share and recommend your links with their network.

Creating original content consistently and regularly, is an effective way to attract more visitors to your website. The type and format of content you create should engage your audience. Some content formats that are most effective are blog articles, videos, infographics, and podcasts.

You can entice your target audience into returning repeatedly and ultimately converting them to customers, when you get into a consistent routine of creating valuable content for your website.

That is the premise of content marketing, to share valuable information, knowledge, or advice, that helps your target market. Distributing this content as wide as possible and promoting it consistently, is vital to the effectiveness of this strategy.

Your audience will get the ball rolling by sharing your posts to their own network. This increases your brand visibility, improves traffic to your online presence, and generates backlinks to your website.

Social signals like these notify Google that your website content is popular and credible, which could dramatically improve your website’s rankings in search engine results.

Here are some considerations regarding the impact of Social media on SEO:


  • Content shared on Social Media should be education, entertaining, or increase awareness on a particular challenge or solution.
  • Focusing on truly valuable content will help you gain traction, increase the reach of your posts, and generate links to your website.
  • Quality content helps your profiles to rank better in relevant search results while increasing the traffic and subscriber/follower count of your Social Media pages.

The above benefits will have a knock-on effect by enhancing your brand reputation.  Increasing the number of times Social Media users share or post links to your website, will help Google with the correct and more effective indexation of your blog articles.

Indexation can lead to more traffic from search engines and improved rankings of your website in search results.  The social signals explained above will strengthen the factors Google considers when ranking a website in search results. You can accumulate those signals in mass by sharing on different Social Media platforms.

Below are 4 practical recommendations on how to improve your SEO with Social Media


1. Value Quality over Quantity

Google indexing bots and search engine algorithms have developed to understand user intent and the quality of content. This enables Google to offer users the most relevant content based on the phrases and words used in their search queries. It is no longer effective to cram relevant keywords into each page or post. In fact, it will most likely hurt your website’s ranking in search results.

To make your blog content perform well on Social Media and in search engine results, prioritize well-researched and truly valuable content.

Invest sufficient time in research and development of well thought out and strategic copy that will connect with your readers. This is much simpler when you truly understand your ideal reader’s present state of mind, how their current challenges relate to your industry or niche, and how your unique positioning could help them.

2. Make it easier for fans and followers to share your content

With all the vital elements in place, such as social share buttons and interesting CTAs (calls-to-action), readers will share your content.

Having social share buttons and compelling CTAs in place and immediately visible on each blog article, makes sharing on social media much simpler. Using CTAs in your social media content also encourages your followers and subscribers to share your posts.

There are other important factors to keep in mind when creating content to ensure it is engaging and easy to share on social media.

  • Write engaging headlines and captions.
  • Design appealing graphics.
  • Ensure the content is useful to your target audience.

By focusing on the above three factors when creating content for social media, your profiles and pages have a much greater chance of reaching more of your ideal audience, more often.

4. Build relationships through thoughtful conversations

Building relationships is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your social media accounts. This tactic also helps you understand your ideal customer’s state of mind, needs, and their most pertinent and current challenges.

Here are our tips on how to start conversations with your fans and followers to build long-term relationships (which convert to repeat customers):

  • Ask relevant questions to find out how they perceive your brand.
  • Ask their opinion on your latest blog article.
  • Search for questions related to your niche or expertise posted elsewhere on the platform and reply with helpful answers.
  • Post a poll regularly to track their interests or challenges for ideas on topics to address in future blog articles.

Encouraging these kinds of discussions often improves your SEO while establishing your brand as an expert in the industry.

5. Using storytelling as a powerful marketing tool


Use enticing story snippets in your posts to hook your target market and make them share your posts with their network.

“I believe the future of marketing is relatability, especially in our noisy digital world. And to be relatable, you must be authentic and engaged. There’s no better way to do that than telling a story! “ – Brian Fanzo

“At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

“Because storytelling makes the connection between a brand and its audience, it’s like a bridge that makes the customer attached to a brand on an emotional level.” – Estelle Van de Velde

You can expect a blog article from us soon explaining how to use storytelling in your Social Media strategy.  In order to improve SEO using social media, add your most important keywords and phrases within the post captions. Include keywords in the title for your posts as well, if this is possible on your chosen platform.

Kreativworx can assist you with developing a Social Media strategy that takes into consideration some or all of the recommendations listed here.

Contact us today to schedule a strategy meeting, or to discuss how we can help you implement an up-to-date SEO and Social Media strategy for your online brand.

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