Do you need an SSL Certificate?

Oct 28, 2020eCommerce Shopping Carts0 comments

Do you need an SSL Certificate?

You may have heard the term “SSL certificate” or “secure website” mentioned online somewhere. But you may not be familiar with the meaning and importance behind these terms.

According to Google, SSL and HTTPS should be used on all websites. Those not using SSL will be marked as unsecured if website visitors are using the Google Chrome browser.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This technology helps to secure an internet connection and protect any data that is being transferred between a browser and a web server.

It creates a secure and encrypted link between your website and server which accomplishes 5 goals:

1. Enabling Encryption

2. Verifying the Identity of the Site Owner

3. Increasing your website’s ranking in search engine results

4. Increasing sales rates online

5. Positively impacting user experience

If your website visitors happen to be using Google Chrome, then your site will display as secure – if you have an SSL Certificate installed.

But if you fail to use an SSL certificate, the browser will display an error message before they ever even reach your site.

Imagine seeing a warning in your browser stating a website is not secure, the first time you land on a website. The chances are pretty high that you wouldn’t return.

Schedule a call or meeting with Kreativworx if you need SSL encryption for your e-Commerce site or want to learn more about why this may be necessary for your online business.


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