Why update your website regularly?

Oct 21, 2020eCommerce Shopping Carts0 comments

Why update your website regularly?

Once you’ve launched your website, you will probably breathe a sigh of relief, or even want to celebrate. However, it is vital to keep in mind that thorough and routine updates for your website are essential, to keep it secure, looking good in all current browsers and devices, and working as required.



Below are 5 benefits you will reap from regular and ongoing updates to your website:



1. Software Updates

 Just like the operating system on your computer, these need to be updated regularly for security and performance reasons.


2. Security

 You can help prevent hackers from exploiting any vulnerabilities in your website code by keeping your website software updated with the latest patches and security releases.


3. Fresh Content

Consumers use an average of almost six touch-points, nearly 50% regularly using more than four. (Marketing Week). You should offer new and valuable information to target customers regularly, to entice them into returning until they are ready to buy.


Every time you update the website, you are giving search engines new material with which to rank your site. You must ensure your website is updated regularly with material related to the phrases and keywords with which you want people to find your business.


There are many exciting ways to provide an engaging and personalized experience to potential buyers. An experienced website developer can create a strategic project plan to help you integrate new features into your site, without excessive downtime of your website impacting user experience, and risk losing sales.

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