Build and Improve your Online eCommerce Store!

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Build and Improve your online store

This year has offered unprecedented opportunities for innovation to many SME’s.  There is one business model which has been and continues to be adopted by an overwhelming percentage of businesses – E-Commerce. 

Even though most industries have faced devastating crises and unprecedented challenges during this health crisis, small to medium enterprises have the opportunity to pivot.   There are many ways to shift business processes making buying effortless for the consumer, while sales and shipping could become almost effortless for businesses.


If you’ve been working from a physical store or location, it may seem overwhelming or frustrating having to consider moving all your processes and functions online.


Here are some of our top tips to help you build and optimize your online store to offer an extraordinary experience to shoppers while maximizing sales conversions:



1. Leverage Instagram by utilizing shoppable posts functionality.


2. Personalize content on your website for each visitor based on their previous activity on social media, search engines etc.


3. Leverage augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), to offer buyers a better view of products on your websites before they purchase.


4. If you run shopping campaigns and other advertising campaigns on Google Ads, you can optimize your bids using ‘smart bidding’ to maximize conversion rates, maximize conversion value, target CPA, and target ROAS.


5. Offer a seamless shopping experience through Omnichannel Marketing, integrating customer interactions on different online platforms, social media, and even your online and physical premises.


Do you need support to optimize your online store in these or other ways?


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